Armenian Churches around the world are supported fully by the members of its community which serves. We rely on your generosity and are always grateful for your donations. Be assured that every penny you donate will go towards maintaining our Clergy, the Church and the Parish activities.

Membership dues and your Donations are the only guaranteed income to the Parish upon which the Parish Council and Pastor can plan and run the church and its, activities, programmes and events. The funds raised by the parishioners, including the annual membership dues, support the Parish to pay the salaries of the clergy (and office staff where applicable) including the archiving of the parishioners data, publication of a weekly and monthly newsletter and e-mail correspondence.

Our benefactors Mr and Mrs Vatche and Tamar Manoukian continue to cover the costs of fully maintaining the church building including heating, lighting, repairs and cleaning costs for which we are very thankful.

Therefore the funds collected from our members are used towards the running of our Parish costs directly related to St Yeghiche Armenian Church.

Donations will be acknowledged with a receipt.

St Yeghiche Church Parish London United Kingdom