Armenian Education

The St Yeghiche Armenian Church has long recognized culture and religion as co-existing forces influencing the character and course of Armenian affairs. With this perspective in mind, the Armenian Education organisations works vigorously to preserve and promote a truly remarkable heritage worthy of exposure to Armenians and non–Armenians alike.

There mission is to help preserve Armenian identity by providing educational resources and guidance to Armenian and non Armenian students, and by fostering outreach programs, educational seminars, publications, and cultural presentations to teach, preserve and enrich the Armenian language and culture.

Teachers’ seminars, booklets on Armenian history and literature, language textbooks, curriculum for Armenian as a Second Language program, are just some of the recent successful accomplishments.

One of the newest services offered By the Prist in Charge of St Yeghiche Armenian Church is special courses for our teachers in the Armenian Schools. The course is a full introductory Bible teaching course based on Armenian Apostolic Orthodox understanding. St Yeghiche Armenian Church is committeed to inhance the teaching of the Bible and through it Harmaony and Good Will in our society.

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