Live Streaming Notice

Dear St Yeghiche Armenian Church Parishioners and Community Members:

St Yeghiche Armenian Church has been steadfast to bringing you the good word of our Lord during the past year through Live Streaming to avoid transmission of Covid 19 as per Government directives.

The church has been open and welcoming its faithful to communal prayers since March 2021 and we have been seeing a good number of our community members in UK coming to church to praise our Lord.

Taking into consideration the Government guidance, the positive effects of the vaccination campaign and the ongoing risk posed by COVID 19, the Parish Council have discussed and agreed to stop the Live Streaming from Sunday 3rd October and encourage members to attend the church where safety precaution are in place for your safety.

We will continue to enforce wearing of masks and recommend signing in at the entrance and following the safety measures posted throughout the building.

We look forward welcoming everyone to St Yeghiche Armenian Church.

Thank you.

St Yeghiche Armenian Church Parish Council

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