St Yeghiche Church Funding Appeal

All church services and ecclesiastical costs including stipends of the Primate and the Pastor of St Yeghiche Church and other church functioning expenses such as payments to visiting clergy, deacons, organist, choristers, flowers, candles and all other ancillary expenditure which amounts to a total of about £45,000 per year, are paid for from the annual membership Contributions collected by the St Yeghiche Parish Council and from collections and donations from the church congregation.

So as to meet these church functioning expenses, the St Yeghiche Armenian Church Parish would like to appeal to all members of the community for their financial support and generous donations.

Please complete this form and hand it with your donation to the members of the Church Parish Council at the side entrance of our Church.

Alternatively please post your cheque to: St Yeghiche Armenian Church Parish, 13b Cranley Gardens, Kensington, London, SW7 3BB. Please make your cheques payable to: “St Yeghiche Armenian Church Parish”.

We also welcome and encourage those individuals that cannot come to church every Sunday to set up a Direct Debit for the amount of their weekly share to our church collection.

May God accept your gift contribution.

For more details please contact members of the Parish Council.

I wish to donate £_____ to the St Yeghiche Armenian Church Parish,
Name: ___________________________________
Email:___________________Tel no:_________

St Yeghiche Church Parish London United Kingdom