Become a member


As a baptised Armenian you recognise the significant role the church plays in your life and want to belong and maintain the church tradition. In addition, by joining the parish and becoming a dues-paying member you will be involved in the administration of the parish and have a vote in the decision making process. A dues-paying member has the power to vote at a parish assembly, which is the highest body making decisions regarding local parish ministries. A dues-paying member, for examples, votes in confirming a new pastor, discussing and confirming the budget of a parish, and can be elected as one of the officers of the parish administration, e.g. Parish Council, auditing committee, nomination committee, etc.

To become a member or renew your membership, simply complete the online form and make the applicable fee.

You may also download complete and hand the form with relevant payment to any member of the Parish Council.

St Yeghiche Church Parish London United Kingdom