Rest In Peace Mrs Osanna Haladjian

Mrs Osanna Haladjian

1932 – 2015

Mrs O Haladjian

Mrs Osanna Haladjian was born on 3rd March 1932 in Damascus, Syria.
In 1952 she was married to the late Bedros Haladjian and they were blessed with four children, Viken, Germaine, Hourie and Ara, and four grandchildren.
She lost her husband in 1971, very early on in their marriage, and consequently she performed the duties of both mother as well as father of the family and to bring up her four young children to become exemplary members of their community and Church.
Osanna Haladjian devoted her entire life to the service of God and charitable organisations, looking after and helping the Armenian elderly, the blind and orphans in Lebanon.
Two of her children, Viken and Houri, reside in the United Kingdom and both are active and respected members of the Armenian community in London and both are devoted to serving the church at St Yeghiche Church in Kensington.
Osanna Haladjian witnessed with pride the successes of her children and she was proud to see her son Viken elected to the position of Chairman of the St Yeghiche Church Parish Council as well as Member of the Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdom. She was also proud to see her daughter-in-law, Viken’s wife Dzovik serve as an active member of HOM-Armenian Relief Society and the ACC and the St Yeghiche Church Ladies Committees and her granddaughter Arda, in Homenetmen and other youth activities.
Osanna Haladjian passed away peacefully on the 27th of December 2015.
In accordance with her last wishes, her funeral service and interment will take place in Beirut, Lebanon.
May the Lord rest her soul in peace.